NetCIL beats CIL Suite no matter how you do the math.

Costs NetCIL Online CIL Suite Remarks
First year fee $900 private network.
$1500 online.
$2395 + $500 for "County" module NetCIL has no hidden "module" fees. Our annual support cost is voluntary, and can be reduced on request.
Data Conversion Flat $1000 $95/hour! Average cost over $2500. CIL Suite charges $95/hour to non-profits. Wow.
Continuing Yearly Fees $900 private network.
$1400 online.
$2395 + $500 for "County" module NetCIL will save your agency thousands of dollars per year.
Satellite Office Fees Free $1295 Why pay extra for satellites?
Training Free online webinars, $65/hour custom. Free? NetCIL now offers free online training sessions, and customized training for a nominal fee.
Technical Support No additional charge. Free?! NetCIL support is included in annual fee. Always has been, always will be.
Additional Equipment None required. None required. Um, you do have a computer, don't you?
IT Support and Server Maintenance Who knows? Who knows? How did CIL Suite make up these numbers?!
5 Year Total As low as $4500 on a private network; $7500 online. No less than $19,000. CIL Suite is TOO EXPENSIVE, uses outdated technology, and it's less capable than NetCIL Online.
Can be customized Yes No With NetCIL you can create your own forms, reports, and queries. You can tailor your database to suit your own needs - CIL Suite can't do that.
Can run on a secure private network Yes No Don't want to expose your sensitive data to the internet and possible compromise? With NetCIL you don't have to. With CIL Suite you have no choice.
Web-based with internet connection Yes Yes If you're confident that your staff is competent to keep their data secure, you can run NetCIL from a secure website. All software and data is managed for you.
Can run without internet connection Yes No Want to buy a $70/month aircard for every laptop in the field? With NetCIL you won't have to. With CIL Suite you have no choice.
Can synchronize between web and desk Yes No NetCIL can collect data offline and then synchronize with the web. CIL Suite can't do that.
Get all your data whenever you want Yes No! You have to ask them for it!  And after many days of arguing with them, all you'll get is a "SQL Dump Script"!  Do you know what to do with that?  Want to hire an IT con$ultant? (PS: You won't have to - We know what to do with it).
Infinite data filtering for reports Yes No What does that mean? With NetCIL you can run a 704 Report and filter by any value - CIL Suite can't do that - and they make you pay extra just to run a 704 by county!
Works with screen reader software Yes Yes NetCIL applications are standard Windows applications, so they work with JAWS, Window Eyes, NVDA, and all other screen reader software.